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Experienced & Skilled Land Surveyors

Mark Deal and Associates, P.C., in Norman, Oklahoma, is known for an impressive range of land surveying and mapping services. We understand that each client has distinct needs for surveying services. Therefore, we deliver customized services, depending on the characteristics of their land.

Map & Compass

ALTA/ACSM land Title Surveys

Before purchasing or selling land, it's imperative to understand its size and boundaries. Most lending agencies frequently request an ALTA/ACSM survey before negotiating mortgage transactions for commercial and industrial properties. This type of survey accurately depicts boundary configurations, records easements, and specifies interior and adjacent improvements affecting the property. Because these surveys have a precise set of requirements, our meticulous surveyors take the time to ensure all regulations are met.

Topographic Surveys

The quality of information provided by the topographic surveyor directly affects the quality of an engineer's design. In turn, these plans affect the ease and efficiency of the construction process for residential developments, commercial projects, and public infrastructure improvements. Our team of experts has developed seamless field-to-finish mapping techniques for producing design based maps in various formats.

Boundary Surveys

Surveying property boundaries requires a range of skills in records research, analytical thinking, and the application of physical evidence gained in the field. We use our expertise to accurately retrace all types of boundaries and rights-of-way involving metes, bounds, and the Public Land Survey System.

Mapping Exhibits

Our mapping exhibits include conventional and GPS field surveying, CAD drafting, interpolation of various horizontal and vertical data, records research and analysis, and the integration of GIS data sets and orthophotos. This comprehensive process creates an overall product that perfectly suits each client's individual needs.

Riparian Surveys

A riparian survey is a complex form of survey that relates to or identifies the banks of rivers and streams. The term riparian is also used in connection with other large bodies of water; however, that would more properly be called littoral surveys. Both riparian and littoral surveys identify, quantify, and locate the extent of land near water and the usage rights of this land. 

Expert Witness

At Mark Deal and Associates, P.C., we work openly and honestly with attorneys when surveying issues arise. We're even happy to provide consultation and attend meetings and court appearances if required. As professionals, we understand how to speak with attorneys in order to be an effective witness.